The heart was damaged.

It had the potential to be the most beautiful love story ever. How they met, how they Made each other feel the ability to forget everything around them Pain, fear, people, places and things all dispersed when they were together.

But it wasn’t. They had spent most of year talking to each other, being the one true rock in each other’s life when they needed it the most. They knew it them selves but they didn’t know if the other felt the same way. Didn’t know how to express this or tell the other person. They spent the days loving each other and not even knowing it, Pouring more love in the other person than they realized. They joked of it sending ” love you haha jk” Saying things and covering it up with emojis or laughter.

One day it all came crashing down, missed calls turned into not returning calls. Unanswered text messages turned into not talking to each other. Emails not replied to. It was suddenly so easy not to talk to each other. By not saying what they needed to and not saying that they needed to each other everything changed.

There was no more being there for each other. They went different directions. One went on a downwards Spiral of mistakes. And the other settled, settled for what they thought was right and would make them happy.

He clearly resented anything she wanted to do for him. Throwing things in her face telling her of events in his life that should have been with her, pushing her further and further away.

Multiple years later when mistakes were made, when things were a mess and difficult.

Life broke him, Life made him crawl right back to where he should have been the whole time with her.

Suddenly he had to try to fix all the mistakes he made, he made her hate her life multiple times. When she needed him the most he wasn’t there. He didn’t know this until he came back. The attitude of just walking in and everything would be normal and how it was before was his ego.

Suddenly he realized he needed to drop this ego. He messed this up. He ruined both there lives weather he wanted to admit it or not.

5 months of trying to make it right wasn’t enough no matter what he said or did this wasn’t going to be easy. But nothing about the last 6 years was easy either. They settled both of them, The only problem is he wasn’t there for her when she was broken. He hurt her worse than anyone ever has. She wasn’t going to forgive him not now maybe not ever. He knew that this love wasn’t going come easy.

she was going to tell him to leave, say goodbye to him daily. It was going to hurt him, make him want to leave again, it was going break every last string in his heart, it was even going to make him cry.

But every word she said and every feeling she gave him did not compare to the anger, Heartbreak that he gave her the last six years. He destroyed her life, he destroyed the most important years of her life.

All she did was ruin his day by treating him the same way she was treated for 6 years.

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