2018 Started off weird for me as I didn’t have any expectations for the year and definitely for the future.

I became this robot where I was just accepting things in my life. How ever they came without making changes to fix the problems or mistakes when they presented them selves. I was on this down word Spiral of sadness, depression, I hated who I became I thought I had nothing to look forward to and nothing to worth living for.

I was lonely and sad in the worst ways on the outside I was the same person. I dressed, looked and even acted the same. But in the inside I was a completely different person and no one could see it specially those closest to me.

One day this fall something just clicked I can pin point a few people and events that inspired me or helped me make this change, a few people noticed, people that I haven’t talked to in years or never even talked to on a personal level noticed that I was screaming on the inside for help.

I spent the next 5 months internally cleaning my mental, emotional state it’s not where I want it to be fully yet. But the “hard drive” is almost reset.

For the first time in years I can say that I am looking forward to life. despite The sadness and challenges that it is going to create, it’s also going to create a whole web of happiness, hope. And most importantly it’s going to create a future. A future I always wanted.

Make Changes in 2019 so you can exceed your life expectations.

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