Wake up and smell “ The bacon of life”

We often wake up every morning with a routine of what we are going to do either for the next hour, for the day, even for the whole week.

We get caught up living the same lie. doing the same thing over and over again pretending we are happy . waking up, starting the car, driving the same route, working, getting off work, driving home, cooking, shower, bed.

Than we wake up the next morning and do it all again living the same lie again. One day we will have to face the facts, can I continue doing this? Am I happy enough to call this “my life” We need to be prepared to make the changes for the better of not only your life but the ones directly involved with you. Weather it be a child, partner, or even a best friend.

You can’t keep pretending that the boring and non productive life you are living makes you happy.

Make the changes in 2019 that are important, That will get you to where you should be. Or where you want to be.

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