Him and Her.

The date was January, he was feeling rather lonely living a transition period in life changing jobs moving towns not knowing what he wanted or what he was going to do.

It was a rather normal day for his life he was searching facebook to see all the old classmates and seeing what they were doing as he went in and out of peoples profiles he found this one.

She had dark hair and big beautiful brown eyes there was nothing special about her but that’s what he was looking for just a friend and someone new to talk to.

The message was quite clear and person.

“Hi” ” have you ever played 20 questions”

The reply was quite straight forward but rather nice considering the time.

“Hi, do I know you?”

His reply was just as nice

” no but we have some friends and common and thought we could be friends too”

These questions were out of the normal for her but she still answered them anyways, I guess you could say they served as an ice breaker for there friendship.

In a matter of 4 days they were talking like they knew each other there whole lifes. Not missing a beat logging on to chat /video chat everyday after work/school. There friendship was flawless.

They each had there own reasons on why they felt this was right.

For him it was the fact of knowing he finally had a friend that was there for him and would listen to him no matter what he had to say.

For her it was the feeling of warmth and comfort relief of knowing someone cares about her.

They had the world at there finger tips. He loved her but wouldn’t tell her, as the same for her.

One day he started slowly drifting away, forgeting to chat with her, often ignoring her or her requests to talk.

Slowly tearing that natural connection and friendship they had apart. One comment one day at a time. The large blow to there friend ship came months later when he delivered the final message.

“The memories were great but in reality we know its a no”

This had a huge ripple effect in there life’s he would go on a down ward spiral making mistakes on a daily basis well wishing be had never let her go.

Well she pushed her self into a life she never wanted. Hoping that the consolation prize would come close to what she was hoping for.

After while she began to feel sadness loneliness,

Every once in awhile she would get a random message in her mail box.

” I got engaged ” ” I am having a baby”

” I am moving” “i got a promotion ”

Her response was always the same. The warm hearted caring friend response. Showing love and being caring.

Everytime she seen his name pop up she thought this was the chance to make things right. But it was never the case he was still the same zoned out lost soul

One time he received a message saying how right he was about her. Focusing on points like she was settling and scared to be alone. He left his number and she texted it. No reply, that was the end of that. She knew this was it.

The years went on with no communication between the two Other than the random thought here or there.

Friend ships die. But this wasn’t a friend ship this was something.much more than that.

Several years went by until one day he was feeling like something was missing he needed a friend and someone to talk to. But not just anyone he needed back. He needed HER. He went on the social media website and begun to type he didn’t know what he was going say but he knew it needed to be done.

He wrote one sentence

“Hey you look great! Hope your doing good:) ”

Her reply was Nice but not to nice with a side of why the hell did you message me.

It took a couple of days of him telling her alot of things about his current life and apologizing for all he did to her.

But she opened up.

She slowly opened up more back to the same person. She was before. Trusting him more and more with every message, phone call , video chat.

He wasn’t out of the woods yet. She often reminded him of all the wrong he did breaking her heart and destroying her.

He was okay with that. He would rather have some of the hardest days/ conversations he ever had. Than to never getting to talk to her again.

She finally told him she loved him. And he did the same. Little did they know they both loved each other and thought of each other as the loves of there lifes.

All they did was hold onto the very little hope they had that the one person they thought cared about them would come back.

They no longer regret anything. Because they have told everything that needs to be said. And have felt what it’s like to love each other.

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