She loved him.

It was a quiet and cold, yet beautiful Sunday morning. As she opened her eyes, she couldn’t help but think how lucky she was. Waking up next to the love of her life – that’s all she’d ever hoped of.

He was still asleep, which meant she had the chance to stare at him as long and as hard as she wanted. She took her time to memorise every detail of that moment, as if she would never have one like that again. The way his hair looks when the sun rays hit it, the way he breathes when there is no worries in his world, the faint smile he has on, as if he was having the most wonderful dream. At that moment, the world stood still and there was only the two of them, nothing else mattered.

But as any other day, time doesn’t wait for you. Or anyone. She knew she had to end that perfect moment of hers and carry on with the rest of that Sunday. She got herself out of bed to get ready for their adventures. As she walked away from him, a glimpse of the life they could’ve had together ran through her mind. Suddenly, she couldn’t help but think how things could’ve been different, how their lives could’ve turned out.

A sad walk to the bathroom followed. She stared at herself in the mirror – how could she have been that stupid? Their current predicament was all her fault. If only she had told him how she felt in the past. If only she had told him she loved him with every part of her being… if only she had told him he was the love of her life then…

She put her clothes on and was ready to put on her mask now. The sadness she was feeling wasn’t gonna get in the way. She practiced her smile and body movements, as to not ruin his potentially perfect Sunday. She headed back to the bedroom and saw him laying in bed, still so peacefully. She took another few seconds to look as his face, and contemplate how much she had missed him over the years.

As he opened his eyes, he was a bit grouchy he had to wake up, but she could still see how happy he was to awake to her and her smile. And again, at that exact moment, time stood still for her. Her sadness dissipated and she was just in peace, knowing the rest of that day was going to be spent with him.

She loved him. Forever.


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