Hidden beauty

As I stared into her eyes, I could tell there was more of a story to give. More of a story to be told. This wasn’t the end of our friendship. It wasn’t the end of our journey. It was only beginning.

The story beneath that beauty was untold. She had more to give to the world. The world had more to give her – she just didn’t know it yet.

All those mistakes made, those memories created, adventures explored. It was all part of who she was, and who she would become. Life has often punished her, but yet, through all this pain, her beauty still shines through.

Sometimes we are simply not ready to control the beauty one has within their heart, and we have to feel pain before we can love who we are meant to love.

We often hurt those that mean the most to us while creating friendships with people we aren’t supposed to.

We all have a beautiful story to tell – go tell yours before it’s too late.

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